1. What does the Youth Explosion weekend entail?
  2. Is Youth Explosion open to any denomination?
    • Yes! Students from all denominational backgrounds are welcome and invited to join us. 
  3. Is the event open to individual attendees, too, or just to youth groups?
    • Youth Explosion is open to any youth who is currently enrolled in grades 6 through 12; you can attend on your own or with your youth group. 
    • If you do come on your own (not with a youth group), you will need to provide parent/guardian contact information at Registration on Friday evening for emergency contact purposes.
  4. What meals are provided? What are the options?
    • Saturday's lunch will be provided by Youth Explosion/Malone University and will be hosted in our Hoover Dining Commons. This meal is all-you-can-eat buffet style and will include homestyle and grill options, as well as a variety of desserts.  Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase throughout the weekend.
  5. I have dietary restrictions. Will there be food I can eat? If not, could I store food there for meals?
    • AVI Foodsystems, Inc., our food service provider, is passionate about providing a selection of foods that meet the dietary and nutritional needs of the whole Malone community. Ingredient information is available for all food choices and those who have concerns about gluten, dairy, tree nuts, etc., can speak with our staff for accommodations on an individual basis. 
  6. My group will need to stay somewhere overnight.  What is nearby?
    • Malone University is located in the heart of Canton, Ohio, and there are many lodging choices available within a few minutes’ drive from campus. Listed here are several hotel choices that are less than ten minutes away, and many of them offer AAA discounts.