Undergraduate Billing Calendar & Payment Information

Below is information about important upcoming billing dates and information regarding payment options for Malone undergraduate students. 

Student Tuition Invoices 

  • Fall, spring, and summer semester bills are issued online by the 20th of each month. Initial fall billing cycle begins in August and goes through November. Spring billing cycle begins in December and goes through March. Summer billing cycle begins in April and goes through July.
  • Monthly payment plan due dates are on the 3rd of each month from August - July.
  • The initial bill for fall and spring will be mailed. 


FALL 2023 || SPRING 2024 || SUMMER 2024

June 30 Fall Preview Statements Mailed to Students and Published Online
July 20  Fall Registration Mailed to Students and Published Online 
August 3 Fall Registration Payment Due (Full & Monthly Plan)
August 28 Fall 2023 Classes Begin
September 3 September Payment Due (Fall Semester)
October 3 October Payment Due (Fall Semester)
November 3 November Payment Due (Final Fall Semester Payment)
November 20 Spring Registration Statements Mailed to Students and Published Online
December 3 Spring Registration Payment Due (Full & Monthly Plan)
January 3 January Payment Due (Spring Semester)
January 8 Spring 2024 Classes Begin
February 3 February Payment Due (Spring Semester)
March 3 March Payment Due (Final Spring Semester Payment)
March 20 Summer Registration Statements Published Online 
April 3 Summer Registration Payment Due (Full & Monthly Plan)
May 8 May Payment Due (Summer Semester)
May 8 Summer 2024 Classes Begin
June 3 June Payment Due (Summer Semester)
July 3 July Payment Due (Final Summer Semester Payment)

Payment Plans 

Full Payment Plan (Per Semester)

Payment is due in full at the start of each semester. Fall bills are published in mid-July with an August 3rd due date; Spring bills are published in mid-November with a December 3rd due date; Summer bills are published in mid-March with an April 3rd due date. Any adjustments to the account will be reflected on the next month's bill and may require an additional payment due as indicated on the tuition statement.

4-Month Payment Plan (Per Semester)

Each semester is divided into four payments.  Fall payments begin in August through November. Spring payments begin in December through March.  Summer payments begin in April through July. There is a $50 per semester participation fee for the monthly payment plan.   


This plan allows the student to defer payment of tuition that is reimbursable by his/her company. To qualify, the student must provide a copy of the company reimbursement policy and verification of personal eligibility. There is a $50 per semester participation fee. Those charges that are not reimbursable by the company must be paid by the student using one of the payment plans listed above. Company reimbursement is due within 30 days of the completion of each class. The student will be held responsible for payment if company reimbursement is delayed beyond 30 days. Registration for future semesters may not be permitted if reimbursements are not current.

In the case of BVR benefits, Malone University will bill the agency after the add/drop date for the semester has concluded.

In the case of VA reimbursement, students are responsible for charges not covered by their VA benefits. However, any questions regarding nonpayment of ineligible charges should be directed to the VA counselor at Malone University.

Semester Registration Payments

If the first payment of the semester (August 3rd for fall, December 3rd for spring, and April 3rd for summer) is not received, the student may be subject to loss of class registration and housing assignments. 

It is important to note students may not move onto campus or participate in any  practice or training without first completing their required registration payment. 

Late Payments

Late first payments each semester (August 3rd, December 3rd and April 3rd registration due dates) will subject the student to loss of classes and housing. All other payments made late or for less than the amount billed will be subject to a $50 late fee.

Late Fees

  • Payments are due the 3rd of each month according to the payment plan chosen (full or monthly).
  • We extend a five-day grace period to allow for mail delays, weekends, etc.
  • Late payments or short payments (less than the amount billed) not received in the Business Office by 4 p.m. the 8th of the month are subject to a $50 late fee each month the payment is late. Student account balances carried due to incomplete financial aid paperwork are also subject to the $50 monthly late fee.

Student Account Payment Options

Pay Online using ePioneer

Student secure login is at Malone Xpress (Student Tab/Go to ePioneer). Students may assign Logins/PINs to parents & other authorized payers. Parent / Payer login is at ePioneer.  You can pay the amount listed on the screen or simply type the amount you wish to pay. 

We accept all major credit cards, or payment directly from your checking or savings account. Card numbers may be saved for repeating payments. 

Pay in person

We accept cash, check or money orders. The Business Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., year round. Closed for official holidays. We are located in Founders Hall. We also provide an after-hours drop box located in the lobby. 

Mail your check, money order or cashiers check

Please send to the address below and note student name and billing ID on your check. Also, please allow sufficient time for mail delivery to avoid a late fee.

Mailing Address:
CANTON, OH 44709

Electronic Credit Refund Information 

There may be times when the student's account goes into a credit balance and the student is issued a refund.  Actual credit balance refunds on undergraduate student accounts will be issued by check or eRefund and will be paid no earlier than the sixth week of the semester. Refunds are contingent upon all financial aid being applied to the student account in the Business Office.

Students can enroll in eRefund and their credit is electronically sent to their checking or savings account. 

Please note: ERefund cannot be utilized if the credit is the result of a Parent PLUS loan.  Account credits will be issued to the parent who secured the loan and a refund check will be mailed to them. Students not enrolled in eRefund will be issued a credit refund check and mailed to their home or permanent address we have on file. (Please contact the registrar's office to update your mailing address if it has changed.) 

Students may sign up for eRefund by logging onto ePioneer through Malone Xpress

If you are setting up for the first time:

  1. Log onto Malone Xpress
  2. Click on “Student” Tab
  3. Click on “Go to ePioneer” link
  4.  Click on “My Account” in top left corner
  5.  Sign up for “Direct Deposit Refunds” 
  6.  Read and Accept terms of agreement
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Enter banking information
  9.  Click “Complete”

If you are making any changes to deposit information: 

  1. Log onto Malone Xpress
  2. Click on “Student” Tab
  3.  Click on “Go to ePioneer” link
  4. Click on “My Account” in top left corner
  5. Click on “Direct Deposit Refunds” in middle of page 
  6. Click “Edit”     
  7. Enter or change banking information
  8. Click “Complete”

MaloneXpress features student account information so you may review your account at any time using a secure login and password.