Do you like to...

  • hang out with other psychology students and faculty?
  • discuss movies with psychological themes?
  • attend presentations by practicing psychologists on art therapy, PTSD, etc.?
  • serve your fellow students and members of the Canton community?
  • go bowling or ice skating with uncoordinated professors?
  • eat lots of free food?

Consider joining Malone University's PSYC Club!

Mission and past activities

The threefold mission of PSYC Club is to meet the social, educational, and spiritual needs of students interested in psychology. Our guiding Scripture verse is " the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" (Matthew 22:37 NIV).

Several events took place during previous academic years that are consistent with our mission:

  • Made prayer pillows and blankets for people going through difficult times
  • Attended a presentation, PTSD in Children & Adolescents: Diagnosis & Treatment by Dr. June Phelps, at Kent State University--Stark Campus
  • Hosted a presentation on art therapy by Gail Wetherell-Sack of Human Development and Counseling Associates
  • Made care packages for international students
  • Offered students free fruit smoothies for campus study breaks before Celebration services
  • Provided support and encouragement at gatherings during mid-term and final exam weeks
  • Sang carols to residents of Canton Christian Home
  • Studied individuals' "cookie designs" in a Christmas cookie decorating activity
  • Took students to a Christian psychology conference
  • Viewed and discussed the following films from both Christian and psychological perspectives: " Interrupted," "Fearless," "Memento," "Analyze This," and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" 
  • Volunteered at Habitat for Humanity site
  • Went ice skating; went bowling; hosted student-faculty picnics and game nights