Facilities in the department of Nursing


The School of Nursing is housed in Regula Hall. The 30,000 square-foot structure, attached to Mitchell Hall and the Timken Science building, houses classrooms, state-of-the-art nursing and science laboratories, faculty offices, and a café. The building was named in honor of U.S. Representative Ralph Regula (R-Navarre), retired, of the 16th Congressional District, and his wife, Mary, founding chair and president of the National First Ladies' Library in Canton. Congressman Regula's efforts to secure federal appropriations were instrumental in assisting with the construction of the building.


The Department of Nursing is uniquely invested in nursing students’ success and demonstrates that investment through the Nursing Academic & Clinical Support Services (NACSS), which is composed of the Center for Clinical Learning (CCL), the Center for Nursing Exploration (CNE), and the Center for Study and Testing (CST). By coming alongside our students as they develop psychomotor clinical skills, proficiency in clinical reasoning and critical thinking, and identify as a professional nurse, these centers provide students valuable resources and the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff, and peers – modeling the professional and collaborative practice known as nursing.  

Each of the three areas are used to provide a caring atmosphere for student learning, provide individual instruction and assistance for students learning various skills in a simulated patient care environment, and demonstrate the use of various materials and equipment to students


The CCL and CNE are utilized for simulated clinical learning experiences. They are furnished with bed units, study areas, and equipment necessary for the practice of nursing skills.  We strive to make sure all students have what they need to facilitate their learning.  The CCL and CNE are open to and used by all nursing students but are often reserved for scheduled sessions at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels.


The Center for Study and Testing (CST) provides nursing students with a quiet environment conducive to independent, effective learning. All teaching learning materials will be located in the CST whereas all skills and related equipment will be located in the Center for Clinical Learning (CCL). The CST is not a duplicate or scaled down model of the University Library. Rather, it is a center which can support and provide students with: independent viewing of assigned videos or webinars, taking quizzes and exams, and, for select topics, tutoring, scheduled group tutoring or individual session.