Department Highlights

Department of Nursing

Educating our future healthcare professionals

The Department of Nursing welcomes students who are looking to make a lasting impact in the world of healthcare. It is our goal to provide both undergraduate and graduate degree programs that incorporate Christian values and high-level training to those who wish to dedicate their careers towards caring for others. Our programs will prepare students to work in a variety of healthcare settings and will also prepare them to adjust to the changes that are consistently being made in the field.

Why study in the Department of Nursing?

  • Our programs are all centered around Christian principles that allow our students to practice with love, kindness, and understanding.
  • We provide our students with high-quality learning experiences and resources to enhance their education.
  • Our curriculum includes many hands-on opportunities and we have set up the progression of courses to include clinicals and internships early on so students are well-prepared come graduation.
  • Faculty interact with students on an individual level to provide them with the assistance and guidance they need to succeed.
  • Passing rates for board licensure and certifications are a direct reflection of the quality education students receive from this department.
  • We hold a reputation in the local area and beyond that allows ours students to have great success in job placement post-graduation.
Spring 2023

Trauma Simulation

During the spring semester, the senior nursing critical care course (N412/N414) hosted a Trauma Simulation activity. In the trauma scenario, the simulated patient was a 25-year-old athlete who suffered…