The student teaching semester serves as the culminating experience for the initial teacher education programs. It is the student teacher's opportunity to, within a structured, supervised field experience, refine his/her skills, integrate theory and practice, and demonstrate his/her accomplishment of the Malone University Teacher Candidate Proficiencies and the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.

During the student teaching semester, the candidate will participate in all activities typically expected of his/her cooperating teacher while gradually assuming increasing responsibility for all aspects of the teaching-learning process.

By the end of the student teaching semester, each candidate will have demonstrated his/her ability to:

  1. Reflect on ways a Christian worldview informs his/her educational practices
  2. Utilize effective, research based strategies to assess, plan, teach, and promote learning for all students (OSTP 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  3. Establish an education environment conducive to learning and growth while collaborating with other stakeholders (OSTP 3 and 6)
  4. Consistently conduct him/herself as a professional and assume ownership of professional growth (OSTP 7)
  5. Exhibit dispositions for educators committed to serving together by (OSTP 1 and 5):
    • Providing service
    • Practicing fairness
    • Promoting stewardship
    • Believing all students can learn and grow

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