Campus Organizations

MSU (Multicultural Student Union)

Multicultural Student Union, which is open to all Malone Students, coordinates Multicultural programs which support the culture and ethnicity of multicultural students on our campus. The organization is committed to supporting students of color through group activities, planned events, and outings.

MISA (Malone International Student Association)

The purpose of MISA is to give International students an opportunity to interact with other internationals and other students on campus. MISA is open to all students on campus to provide an opportunity for Multicultural experiences which will be beneficial to all cultures.

The group engages in off-campus activities to acquaint international students with the Malone University Campus, the Stark County Community and the United States. The organization provides International festivals and discussions to provide awareness of the cultures that exist on campus. Members of MISA are also available to speak to groups seeking information on foreign affairs and various cultural issues that exists in the world.

MISA Missions Statement

The purpose of MISA is to give International Students at Malone University an opportunity to interact with other internationals and other students on campus. MISA students seek to learn American culture while sharing their culture with students, faculty, and staff.

MISA Programs

Through the office of Multicultural Services, MISA provides International Festivals, Forums, and guest speakers, during International Student Emphasis Week. The week is usually the first full week in April. The International Student Emphasis Week provides programming that promotes awareness of the various international cultures that exist on campus. Members of MISA also make themselves available to speak to groups on campus who want information on the Foreign Affairs of various cultures.

One Voice Gospel Choir

The Malone University Gospel Choir, One Voice, is a 15-voice choir representing various majors and ethnicities across campus. One Voice Gospel Choir performs at Campus Worship, campus functions, community events, schools, churches across Ohio, and various places in the United States.

The Lord has inspired this organization to offer the flavor of Urban Gospel music to the Malone campus and community. This is done in such a way that God’s glory is revealed through song and worship. Membership in One Voice Gospel Choir is open to all members of the Malone University community. Non-students may affiliate with the choir by meeting all of the regular requirements for membership including a desire to serve the Lord through urban style music, praise and worship.

Brenda Stevens, Director of Multicultural Services, founded One Voice, along with student director Giles Foster and Resident Director Steph Veltman in 1999. The first Director of the group, Giles Foster, a student at Malone who had a vision of moving the Choir to a spiritually cohesive group. The group has opened for various national recording artist including The Winans Phase II, Anointed, Donnie McClurkin, and Jonathan Dunn. They have also performed at the Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and the National Christian Multicultural Student Leaders Conference (NCMSLC) in Boston Massachusetts.

For further information about One Voice Gospel Choir or to schedule the Choir please contact the office of Multicultural Services at Malone University at 330-471-8328.