Pendle Hill Alumni Mentoring Program

According to Harvard Graduate School of Education researchers, mentors tend to perform one of three roles. They can be:

  • Mirrors that “help students see themselves and their interests more clearly,” or
  • Windows that can help “show students what is possible” and what their life and work could look like in the future by sharing their own personal stories, or
  • Guiding lights within a career field who can “provide authentic first-hand knowledge and authoritative insight into how to both prepare and succeed” in a given field.

The Pendle Hill Mentoring Program invites Malone University students to pursue any of these types of mentoring and become a Pendle Hill Fellow by completing the Student Mentee Form (also available below). New cohorts of Pendle Hill Fellows are inducted each year in September. If you participate, you will be mentored by a Malone (male) alumnus or (female) alumna over at least four one-hour meetings between October and April.

We also invite any interested Malone University alumni to apply to become Pendle Hill Mentors--whether you want to serve as a Mirror, a Window, or a Guiding Light (or all three)--by completing the Alumni Mentor Form (also available below).

Want to know what it's like to have a Pendle Hill Mentor? Click below to read Seneca's story.

Seneca and Rachel