Why Pendle Hill?

We all need a purpose

Stick figure on mountain looking through binoculars
Our entire curriculum and co-curriculuar opportunities encourage students to find meaning and purpose in the call to seek Christ’s Kingdom First and to develop commitments to serve the church, community, and world. We encourage students to have their own “Pendle Hill moments,” where they receive clarity or vision from God, as George Fox did in 1652.

We all need a mentor

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All students have faculty advisers who are trained to be mentors. All first-year students receive mentoring in our first-year College Experience program. All sophomores and transfer students will have the opportunity to be mentored by junior and senior students or by faculty and staff. 


We all benefit from life & work experiences

Two stick figures seated at table, one stick figure teaching with light bulb idea
Beginning with the Class of 2024, 100% of traditional undergraduate students will be required to engage in experiential learning. All traditional undergraduate students will complete at least one of the following: an internship, a semester of off-campus study, an academic service-learning project, or a major research project.

We all benefit from career skills

Stick figure with hands up and graduation cap on
By the time the class of 2024 graduates, they will have taken academic courses that require reflection on career aptitudes and options, drafted cover letters and resumes, developed an online career profile, practiced interview and etiquette skills, and developed career search strategies.