Who are you meant to be?

Career services at Malone means that students will do more than find a great job when they complete their degree. We’ll also help you to figure out who you’re meant to be and support you as you pursue that calling. Instead of delegating this vital responsibility to just one office, the entire Malone community is committed to a different approach to career services that weaves personal discovery, job preparation, and career support throughout our students’ educational journeys. Students come to Malone and experience a discipleship model of education that guides them toward a fulfilling and lifetime vocation.


Starting with their first semester in the College Experience class (GEN 100), all students begin reflecting on their career interests, skills, and values in the free MyPlan assessment, using the tools provided by the Center for Student Success, with the goal of finding a vocation that incorporates their unique gifts, skills, and interests.

The Center for Student Success sponsors monthly ExPos (workshops), open to all students and graduates on topics including interviewing, resume-writing, and job-seeking skills. 

Academic departments support students through advising, career-relevant courses, and professional mentoring and networking opportunities to prepare students for the job market or further study in their specific career areas. 

All students take a senior-level capstone in the core liberal arts (General Education) curriculum that encourages them to explore God’s call on their lives. We aim to help all students find a lifelong calling or vocation, using their gifts to serve the church, community, and world.

Connecting careers and internships to Malone students and graduates

Our goal is to connect Malone students and graduates to employers who offer internship and career opportunities. College Central Network is the system that we use to build that connection.

Students and Graduates

Create an account on College Central Network to search for job and internship opportunities that are targeted specifically to you. We will only list internship and job opportunities targeted at degree-holding graduates or degree-seeking students. 


Malone students are distinguished not only academically, but by their commitment to service, whether that be in their career, church, or community. 

Create an account on College Central Network to alert our excellent pool of students and graduates about your job and internship opportunities. All submissions will be vetted for their appropriateness to degree-holding graduates or degree-seeking students. To find a list of our degree fields: majors & minors

For questions, email vocation@malone.edu