Malone University: A Faith-Centered Home for Homeschooled Students

Embrace Academic Excellence in a Supportive, Bible-Based Community

At Malone University, we uniquely blend a nurturing environment for homeschooled students with our commitment to faith-based education, standing out as the only Bible-based University in Northeast Ohio.

Homeschooled Students Thrive Here

Tailored Education for Unique Learners

We understand and value the distinct educational journey of homeschooled students. Our programs are designed to build on your unique learning experiences: 

  • Individualized attention: Benefit from a low student-to-faculty ratio and personalized faculty advising.

  • Flexible learning options: Our faculty structure their classroom environments to meet the needs of all students through various instructional formats. 

  • Merit-based scholarships and financial aid: We offer financial aid to support your educational aspirations, including a scholarship designed specifically for our homeschooled students.

Deeply Rooted in Faith

A Bible-Based Education in Northeast Ohio

 As Northeast Ohio’s only Bible-based university, Malone University integrates faith into all aspects of our academic and community life. 

  • Faith integration in every course: In class, faculty challenge students to examine what Christianity has to say about a given discipline and what that discipline has to say about the Christian faith.

  • Spiritual growth opportunities: Engage in Community Worship, Bible studies, faith-based community service projects, and other Spiritual Formation Opportunities. 

  • Supportive Christian community: Join a community dedicated to fostering your spiritual, academic, and personal growth. 

FAQs for Homeschooled Applicants

  1. What information does Malone need to make my transcripts official?

The individual or organization responsible for your academic records must compile a typed, signed, and dated, official transcript which includes all courses taken in grades 9-12 and corresponding grades received. Please note if a specific curriculum was used.

  1. What if I took college-level coursework while I was being homeschooled?

If you took any courses at a college or university prior to completing high school, contact the institution and request that they send an official transcript to Malone.

  1. What courses are recommended for admission to Malone?

The recommended distribution of high school credit units is 4 units of English (emphasis on composition), 3 units of mathematics (including Algebra I, Plane Geometry, and Algebra II), 3 units of science (including a laboratory course), 2 units of social studies, 1 unit of history, 2 units of a foreign language, 1 unit of visual or performing arts, and at least 2 academic electives.

Additional units in mathematics and science are recommended for students who plan to enter programs in computer science, mathematics, natural sciences, or nursing.

“The transition from homeschooling to Malone was very smooth because of the caring professors and smaller campus atmosphere I found here. Everyone was very welcoming during the first few weeks of classes, and I always felt that someone would be willing to answer my questions and help me when I needed it. The Christian atmosphere on campus helped me feel connected in the first semester and I love that my professors do a wonderful job of incorporating a Christian worldview into all of the classes I have taken.”

Laney Barger '25

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