School Counselor Resources

As dedicated partners in your students’ educational journeys, this page is your go-to resource for guiding them towards an enriching experience at Malone University. We’ve streamlined processes and provided insightful tools to support your crucial role.

Transcripts and Important Documents Dropbox

To simplify your workflow, we offer a secure and convenient way to submit your students’ admissions documents. Use the link below for easy upload of high school transcripts, college transcripts, and other vital admissions materials.

Visit Malone University!

We warmly invite students and parents to experience the vibrant life at Malone University first-hand. Discover our array of on-campus and virtual visit options to see what makes Malone unique.

Career exploration for students

Malone University is proud to offer the PathwayU experience for all high school students. This innovative program is a valuable exploratory tool, helping students identify career paths aligning with their interests, strengths, and skills. We encourage you to share PathwayU with your students, offering them insights into potential careers as they prepare for their post-high school journey.

Additional Resources for Counselors

Information Packets

Request detailed packets about Malone’s academic programs, financial aid options, and student life, designed specifically for counselors to distribute.

Direct Contact with Admissions Counselors

Get personalized support and answers to your specific queries by connecting directly with our admissions team.

Scholarship Guidance

Access comprehensive information on scholarships and financial aid available to your students at Malone.

Counselor E-Updates

Sign up for our monthly update tailored for high school counselors, keeping you informed about Malone’s programs, events, and admissions updates.

Social Media Channels

Follow us on our social media platforms for real-time updates and insights into campus life.