Partner Schools

If you are a student at one of our partner schools, you can benefit from additional scholarship funding to support your education.

God has a plan for your life, and Malone is excited to give you the tools you need to discover your calling and launch your career.

As you prepare for your future, Malone faculty and staff members will mentor and disciple you towards Christ by investing in a relationship with you. We are excited to welcome new students into our community and know that you will make a difference for God's Kingdom during your time at Malone.  

If you are a student from one of our partner schools, and you enroll at Malone in the fall of 2023 and beyond:

  • You can benefit from additional scholarship funding to support your Malone education-- up to $5,000 per year! (An award worth $20,000 for four years of education.)
  • Additionally, Malone will match the combined financial aid package of cost of tuition, fees, room, and board -- after Federal and State aid is applied-- for any four-year public university or private Christian college.

Our current partner schools include:

  • Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)
  • Lutheran East High School (Cleveland)
  • Lutheran West (Rocky River)
  • Worthington Christian High School (Worthington) 

Malone is:


Our highly respected Christian liberal arts education will equip you to consider a wide scope of academic disciplines in light of Christian principles, taught by professors who love Christ because, for us, faith is more than a consideration. 


Malone is unmistakably, unapologetically Christian. We love Jesus, and we want our students to love Him, too. Malone’s foundation and mission is intrinsically connected to our identity as members of the Kingdom of God. Our fervent desire and steadfast calling is to equip you to love, serve, and learn in His name. 


Own your personal faith story by choosing Christian formation opportunities that meet you where you are. True joy is found when you discover your calling and in all ways seek to serve others. Take the next step in your faith journey as we serve together and participate in the good work that God is doing around the world.