Praying for Malone University

"The effective prayer of a righteous person has great power.” James 5:16, English Standard Version

Pray Each Month for Malone University

Residence life and commuters

Spiritual life and ministry groups

Faculty and academics

Student recruitment and fundraising



Financial Support, Summer camps and Student internships

Malone’s impact on Canton

New and returning students

Campus leadership

Malone Athletics

Families of students, faculty, and staff

Graduate school

Pray Each Day of the Month for Malone University
  1. Malone University: To passionately pursue Christ and His Kingdom first.
  2. Board of Trustees: For understanding and wisdom as they provide direction for the University.
  3. President Miller: For God's guidance and protection as he leads the Malone University Community.
  4. Cabinet, the president's leadership team: For God's guidance as they manage the affairs of the University and administer policies and programs.
  5. Students: That they may each grow in faith, in knowledge, and in service to others.
  6. Faculty:  To help students see the unity of the Christian faith with all knowledge; to model this faith in the classroom and in the community.
  7. University Staff and Administrators: That they may exercise their abilities with wisdom, integrity and with unity of purpose in each office.
  8. Alumni Board: For insight as they represent alumni and support for Malone.
  9. Alumni in Christian Work: For pastors and all God's servants in full-time Christian ministry and service.
  10. Community Worship and Spiritual Formation Opportunities: For student commitment to corporate worship, Bible studies, and involvement in sharing the love of Christ in the community.
  11. Alumni Missionaries: For the Malone graduates who proclaim and witness to the Gospel by teaching, preaching, and administering throughout the world.
  12. Malone Graduate School: For graduate students in counseling, business and leadership, education, and nursing.
  13. Non-Traditional Students: For adult degree completion students to grow in faith and knowledge and to have the energy and resources to earn their degree while working full-time.
  14. Athletic Teams: That they may develop to their fullest potential and take advantage of opportunities to share the love of Christ through actions and words.
  15. Alumni in Business and Government: That they will provide leadership that is just and compassionate.
  16. Family Life: That our Malone families will maintain a strong family unit in light of the temptations and pressures facing the family today.
  17. Missionary Students and International Students: For a smooth adjustment to a new culture and for "family" away from home.
  18. Student Financial Needs: That no one will have to leave school due to financial hardship, and for summer and part-time jobs.
  19. Alumni in the Professions: For doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, and others, as they perform tangible acts of service for others.
  20. Residence Life: For wisdom and protection for the resident directors and assistants, and for individual student needs outside the classroom.
  21. Campus Facilities: That people who work, live, play, and worship in them would take care to use them wisely, effectively, and safely.
  22. Summer and Off-Campus Study Programs: For the participants to grow and gain wisdom through experience.
  23. Malone Publications: That our communications to our constituents may bring honor to the Lord.
  24. Student Leaders: That they may be concerned with constructive service on campus and be led by the Lord.
  25. Future Growth: For God to open doors and provide finances for campus expansion and programs of study.
  26. Malone Students' Families: For God to bless, protect and provide for the family of each student.
  27. Alumni Nationals: For Malone alumni who put their education to work for the citizens of their native countries.
  28. Financial Needs: That God's people will continue to support His work at Malone University.
  29. Student Recruitment: That God will direct students to Malone University according to His plan.
  30. Spring/Summer Ministries: For Summer Camps at Malone and for Malone students who take the Gospel around the world.