Past Forums

Numerous official Worldview Forums have been held at Malone University since 1999.

Below are a list of dates, titles, proponents, and moderators:

(Note: All career titles are as they were at that point in history.)

October 29, 1999: “Are Baha’i and Christian Faith Compatible?”
Proponents: Veronica Dickey, local Baha’I spokesperson.
John David Geib, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Malone; Moderator: Steve Moroney, Associate Professor of Theology, Malone

November 1999: “The Christian and Pagan Worldview:  Differences and Distinctions”
Proponents: Marx Stead, Local Pagan-Wicca Activist and Spokesperson, owner of “Book of Shadows” bookstore; Rev. Russ Dizdar, Akron Christian Minister; Moderator: Rhonda Aiello, Malone Alumna

February 2, 2000: “Celebrating Christian Traditions:  Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and the Protestant Faith”
Proponents: Father David Tillman, Priest, Holy Assumption Eastern Orthodox Church
Moderator: Alumnus Kevin Rohr 

April 5, 2000: “Christianity and Atheism, What’s the Difference?”
Proponents: John Geib, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Malone; Frank Zindler, Editor, American Atheist Press; Moderator: Jeff Goff, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Malone

February 12, 2001: “Do All Roads Lead to God?”
Proponents: Gerald McDermott, Associate Professor of Religion, Roanoke College; Kim Justice, Dedicated minister, through the Universal Life Church
Moderator: Kevin Rohr, Director of Campus Outreach, First Friends Church

November 12, 2001: “Just-War & Pacifism: Is There a Christian Answer?”
Proponents: Dr. John David Geib, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Malone; William Devlin, President of Urban Family Council in Philadelphia and New York City; Moderator: Pastor L. Randall Heckert, College Pastor and Former Brigade Chaplain for the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division

January 28, 2002: “Christianity and Homosexuality:  Are They Compatible?”
Proponents: Charles Kammer, Professor of Religion, The College of Wooster
Rev. David Cornwell, United Methodist Pastor; Steve Moroney, Associate Professor of Theology, Malone; Mary Heathman, Founder and Director of Where Grace Abounds and an ordained Minister; Moderator: Jane Hoyt-Oliver, Chair, Department of Social Work, Malone 

March 18, 2002: “The Cosmological Conundrum:  Non-Theistic Evolution vs. Theistic Intelligent Design”
Proponents: Ruth Miles, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Malone and students from Malone; Dr. Lawrence Krauss, Chair, The Physics Department, Case Western Reserve University, and students from CWRU; Moderator: Richard Stewart, Assistant Professor of Biology, Malone College

September 23, 2002: “The Moral Implications of Embryonic Stem Cell Research”
Proponents: John Kilner, President and CEO of The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity; Brendan Minogue, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Youngstown State University and Professor of Clinical Bioethics at NEOUCOM; Moderator: William B. McVaugh, Associate Professor of Biology, Malone 

November 11, 2002: “Islam & Christianity:  Agreements and Disagreements”
Proponents: Greg Miller, Chair of the Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences, Malone; Islam Ibrahim, Chief of Staff at Regency Hospital; Instructor of Islamic Center of Akron and Kent; Moderator: Scott Waalkes, Assistant Professor of International Studies, Malone 

January 27, 2003: “The Israeli Palestinian Conflict:  Is Peace Possible?”
Proponents: Raymond Nakley, Jr., The Israeli Emissary to The Canton Jewish Community Federation; Tamir Porter, Physical Education Teacher for Youngstown City Schools; Chair, Youngstown Chapter of the Coalition for Peace in the Middle East. Moderator: John Geib, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Malone

March 17, 2003; “Women in The Church:  Egalitarian vs. Complementarian”
Proponents: Duane Watson, Professor of New Testament Studies, Malone; Carl Bogue, Founding Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA); Moderator: Sarah Sumner, Chair of the Department of Ministry, and Associate Professor of Ministry and Theology, Azusa Pacific University

September 22, 2003: “Let’s Get Physical:  The Epicurean and Christian Views of Pleasure”
Proponents: Mark Yarhouse, Associate Professor, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, Regent University; Chris Santilli, Freelance Writer, Editor and Publisher of Nudist Travel Books; Moderator: David Entwistle, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counselor Education, Malone

November 10, 2003: “Who is Jesus?”
Moderators: Robert Milet, Professor of Religious Understandings, Brigham Young University; Chester Harris, Pastor, Dueber United Methodist Church; Daniel Hazuka, Minister, Jehovah’s Witness; Moderator,Thomas C.Young Jr., Dean of Student Development, Malone College

December 1, 2003: Student Forum
“Just War, Preventative War and Pacifism”; Students from Dr. Geib’s course “War, Peace and Revolution in Christian Tradition” were the proponents, presenting the biblical and historic reasons for the Just War, Preemptive War and Pacifism positions. Facilitated by Dr. J. David Geib    

January 26, 2004: “A Matter of Choice:  Fetal Life, Abortion and Choice?”
Proponents: Jill Taylor, Director, Pregnancy Support Center of Stark County; The Rev. Dr. Doyle Luckenbaugh, Member of the Board of Planned Parenthood of Stark County; 
Moderator: Deb Robinson, Director, Alumni Relations, Malone

March 15, 2004: “Atheism and Christian Theism:  Is Belief in God Rational?”
Proponents: Shawn Floyd, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Malone; Frank Zindler, Editor, American Atheist Press; Moderator: Aaron Preston, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Malone College

September 20, 2004: “The Christian’s Role in Politics:  Separation, Engagement, and Transformation”
Proponents: Dave Zanotti, President and CEO of The Ohio Roundtable; Geoff Bowden, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Malone; Moderator, Robert Zwier, Provost, Malone 

November 8, 2004: “East Meets West:  A Buddhist and Christian Dialogue”
Proponents: Greg Miller, Associate Professor of History, Malone; The Venerable Shih Ying-Fa, Abbot of CloudWater Zendo, Cleveland; Moderator: Jacci Welling, Associate Professor of History, Malone 

January 24, 2005: “Capital Punishment:  What Should a Christian Response Be?”
Proponents: Jane Hoyt-Oliver, Chair, Department of Social Work, Associate Professor of Social Work, Malone; Frank Forchione, Prosecutor, Stark County; Moderator: Steve Moroney, Associate Professor of Theology, Malone 

March 14, 2005: “Thy Will be Done:  Christian Perspective on Prosperity”
Proponents: Pastor Weinzierl, Pastor, Grace Christian Church, Ron Sider, President and Founder of Evangelicals For Social Action; Moderator, Rev. L. Randall Heckert, College Pastor, Malone 

Thursday, September 15, 2005: “The Marriage Bill and Gay Rights - Legislative Options”
Proponents: Tony Campolo, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University; Peter Sprigg, Senior Director of Policy Studies at the Family Research Council; Moderator, Malcolm Gold, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Malone 

Monday, November 7, 2005: “Christian and Hindu Understandings of The Cosmos”
Proponents: Paul Mayle, Professor of History, Chair, History Department, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University; V. Ramaswamy Sharma, Temple Priest Manager, Shiva Vishnu Temple
Moderator: Chris Abrams, Dean of Student Development, Malone

Monday, January 30, 2006: "Faith & Family Planning:  Christian Views on Contraception"
Proponents: Jenell Williams Paris, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Bethel University and James Paris; Peter Koritansky, Professor of Philosophy, Walsh University and Pam Koritansky; Moderator,Shawn Floyd, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Malone

Monday, March 20, 2006: “The Separation of Church and State:  How High a Wall?”
Proponents: Mike Newdow, Minister, Attorney, Physician and Activist in Constitutional Law; Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice; Moderator: Robert Zwier, Provost, Malone 

September 25, 2006:  “Biblical Inspiration and Authority:  Inerrant or Infallible?"
Proponents: Buist M. Fanning III, D.Phil., Professor and Chairman of the Department of New Testament Studies Dallas Theological Seminary; Duane Watson, Ph. D., Professor of New Testament Studies, Malone; Moderator: Suzanne Nicholson, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Malone

November 6, 2006: “The Role of Religion in American Culture:  Jewish and Evangelical Perspectives”
Proponents: Rabbi John Spitzer, D.Min, Temple Israel; Jay Case, Ph.D., Chair, Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences, Malone; Moderator:    Ron Johnson, Ph.D., President, Malone

January 29, 2007: “The Right to Die: Who Should Decide?”
Proponents: Bill Saunders, Esq., Director and Senior Fellow of The Center For Human Life and Bioethics at The Family Research Council; Roland Halpern, Director of community Relations at Compassion & Choices; Moderator, Pam Hoalt, Ph.D., Professor of Health Education, Malone 

March 26, 2007: “Global Corporations and Consumerism: What to do With Companies Like Wal-Mart?”
Proponents: Don Soderquist, Former Chief Operating Officer for Wal-Mart; Jon deGraaf, Filmmaker, Author and Advocate of Taking Back Your Time; Moderator, Julie Szendrey, Instructor of Business Administration, Malone 

September 24, 2007: “War on Terror”
Proponents: Dinesh D’Souza, author, speaker and former senior analyst at the Reagan White House; Phillip J. Crowley, senior fellow and director of Homeland Security at the Center for American Progress; Scott Waalkes, Associate Professor of International Politics; Julianna Smith, senior political science major.

November 19, 2007: "Grace or Law? Faithful Responses to Illegal Immigration in the United States"
Proponents: Helene Slessarev-Jamir, The Mildred M. Hutchinson Associate Professor of Urban Ministries at Claremont School of Theology; James Edwards, Principal and Co-Founder of Olive, Edwards, & Brinkmann; Moderator: Jane Hoyt-Oliver, Chair, Department of Social Work, Professor of Social Work

January 31, 2008: “Abortion: Legal Right or Moral Wrong?” 
Proponents: Nadine Strossen, National President ACLU, Professor of Law, New York Law School; Scott Klusendorf, President of Life Training Institute; Moderator: Kathleen Flaherty,  Associate Professor Malone

March 31, 2008: “Faith, Film and Society: This Forum is Not Yet Rated."
Proponents: Jack Hafer, President, Boulevard Pictures; Rev. Rebecca VerStraten-McSparran, Director, Los Angeles Film Studies Center; Andrew Rudd, Associate Professor of Communications Arts;  Joe Siebert, Senior Communication Arts Major

Thursday, September 25, 20008: “Being Christian: Being Citizen"
Proponents: David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University, McAfee School of Theology; Michael Baxter, Assistant Professor of Theology, The University of Notre Dame; John Roth, Professor of History, Goshen College; Moderator: Geoffrey Bowden, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Tuesday, November 18, 2008: "Why Didn’t Canton Riot in 1968?  It’s More Than Black and White; A discussion on race relations"
Proponents: Arvis V. Averette, Professor of Economics at Columbia College; Ron Ponder, Owner, Ponder Systems media and marketing; Lori Stokes, Director of the Canton Fair Housing Commission, Malone College Alumna; Robert Fisher, Owner and President of Fisher and Associates; Moderator, Jacci Welling, Ph. D, Associate Professor of History, Malone

Monday, January 26, 2009: Paths to Peace
Proponents: Matt Chandler, Christian Peacemaker Team Member; Staff Sergeant Thomas Hersman, U.S. Air Force; Moderator,  John David Geib, Ph. D, Dean, The Logos Institute;

Monday, March 23, 2009: Emerging or Diverging: In What Direction if the Emerging Church Movement Headed?
Proponents:Brian McLaren, author, speaker and activist; Bryan Hollon,Ph. D, Assistant Professor of Theology, Malone; Moderator: Suzanne Nicholson, Ph. D, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Tuesday, September 29, 2009: Censor This? Defining Boundaries in a Christian Academic Setting
Proponents: David Hoekema, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, Calvin College; David Mills, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, Cedarville University; Thomas C. Young, Jr., Ed.D., Great Lakes regional coordinator, The Navigators; Moderator: Tammie McKenzie, M.F.A., professor of communication arts, director of theatre, Malone

November 17, 2009: The Future of Oil
Proponents: John Felmy, Ph.D., chief economist, American Petroleum Institute, and Kent Moors, Ph.D., professor, Political Science Department, Duquesne University;  Moderator, Scott Waalkes, professor of international politics, Malone 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010:  “In the Beginning”: Interpreting Creation in Genesis
Proponents:  John H. Walton, Ph.D.  Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College; David W. Hall is Senior Pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church; Moderator, Nate Phinney, Ph. D, Interim Dean of the School of Theology, associate professor of Biblical Studies at Malone 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010: “Getting a Life: The Emerging Adult and the Culture of Extended Adolescents.”
Proponents: Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Ph.D., Research Professor, Department of Psychology, Clark University Editor, Journal of Adolescent Research; Jennifer Tanner, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Research Professor, at The Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research at Rutgers University; Christian Smith is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Religion and Society at the University of Notre Dame; Moderator, Bill Quigley, Instructor of Youth Ministry, Malone 

September 28, 2010: “Peacemaking Through Mutual Understanding: Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Scripture, Clothing, Democracy, and the Afterlife.”
Proponents:  Iman Nader Taha, Imam, Islamic Society of Akron and Kent; Greg Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Malone; Moderator: Scott Waalkes, Ph.D., Professor of International Politics, Malone

November 9, 2010: “You are What you Grow: Food Systems and the Human Soul"
Proponents: Joel Salatin, Farmer, Author and Speaker; Laura Yordy, PhD. ,Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Bridgewater College: author; Moderator:    Joel Soza, D. Th., Associate Professor of Old Testament, Malone, author

March 22, 2011: Civil Disobedience: Should Christians Break the Law? 
Proponents: Shane Claiborne, Christian activist; Steven Brown, Radio Broadcaster, Seminary Professor and Author; Moderator, Ken Stoltzfus, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair, Social Work Department, Malone University

September 26, 2011: There's an App for That: The Impact of Social Media on Relationships; Doreen Dodgen-Magee, Ph.D, psychologist; Brett McCracken, author of Hipster Christianity; Jesse Rice, author of The Church of Facebook; Moderator, Dave Gramlich

November 8, 2011: (Un)Popular Culture: Destroying Our Character or Bringing Culture to Millions; Charles Coletta, Ph.D., instructor of culture, Bowling Green State University; Craig Detweiler, Ph.D., associate professor of communication, Pepperdine University; and Andy Crouch, M.Div., author, senior editor at Christianity Today International; Moderator, Andrew Rudd, Ph.D., professor of communication arts, Malone University

January 24, 2012: The Morality of Debt; Ryan Messmore, D.Phil., of the Heritage Foundation and Ron Sider, Ph.D., of Evangelicals for Social Action; Moderator Albert Smith, CPA, CMA, associate professor of business at Malone University

March 12, 2012: Can a Christian be a Democrat? Can a Christian be a Republican? Jennifer Brunner, J.D., Ohio's 52nd Secretary of State, partner at Brunner Quinn Law Firm, founder of Courage PAC; David P. Murray, J.D., partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP; Moderator Jane Hoyt-Oliver, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work, Malone University 

September 24, 2012: Persuasion or Propaganda? The Effects of Public Relations on Elections. Jonathan Miller, former two-term elected Kentucky State Treasurer, author; Ben Porritt, political adviser, president of Outside Eyes; Moderator was Ann Lawson, Instructor of Communication Arts, Director of Forensics team. 

November 12, 2012, Go to Hell?! A Debate about the Eternal State of the Wicked. Thomas Talbott, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Willamette University; Jerry Walls, Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University;  Duane Watson, Professor of New Testament Studies at Malone University;  and with moderator Allen Plug, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Malone University.

January 14, 2013,  Unions: Friend or Foe of the Worker. Proponents were Greg Lawson of the Buckeye Institute and Brian Rothenberg of ProgressOhio with moderator Patty Long, professor of education.

Monday, March 18, 2013, Capital Punishment: How Should a Christian Respond? Proponents were Richard Land, Ph.D., President of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and Stephen Dear, Executive Director of People of Faith Against the Death Penalty. Moderator was Malcolm Gold, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at Malone University.

October 3, 2013, Gay and Christian: A Dialogue on a Faith-Driven Life.
Proponents: Justin Lee, founder and executive director of the Gay Christian Network, a nonprofit organization that provides resources and support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Christians; Christopher Yuan teaches at Moody Bible Institute and travels the world sharing his story. Yuan graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2005 and Wheaton College Graduate School in 2007 with a Master of Arts in Biblical Exegesis and is currently pursuing a doctorate of ministry at Bethel Seminary in the area of sexuality and celibacy. Moderator was Jason Moyer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Arts.

November 12, 2013, A Conversation about the United States' Mission in the World. Speakers were David Beer, assistant professor of political science; Joel Soza, professor of biblical studies; Jacalynn Stuckey Welling, professor of history; and Scott Waalkes, professor of international politics. Moderator was Malcolm Gold, professor of sociology; chair, Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences.

January 14, 2014, Family Planning: Ethical Options. Proponents were Kellie Johnson, M.D., Executive Director of Access Health and Thomas and Chiquita Seesan, certified Natural Family Planning instructors. Moderator is Robin Adams-Weber, Assistant Professor of Nursing.

September 8, 2014, Christian Perspectives on Mary. Proponents were Stephen Moroney, Ph.D., chair, Department of Bible, Theology, and Ministry; professor of theology, Malone University; Patrick Manning, Ph.D. chair, Division of Philosophy and Theology; associate professor of theology, Walsh University; Father Anastasy (Stacey) Richter, Holy Assumption Orthodox Church.

April 21, 2015, Black Lives, Blue Lives: Race, Law Enforcement, and the Christian Response. Panel: Andrea Perry, Safety Director for the City of Canton; Bruce Lawver, Police Chief for the City of Canton; Sandhya Jha, Founder and Director of the Oakland Peace Center; Bishop Joey Johnson, Organizer and Senior Pastor at The House of the Lord; Moderator was Brenda Stevens, Director of Multicultural Services at Malone University.

April 18, 2016, Thoughtful conversations Christians should have about Islam; Panelists were Malone professors Scott Waalkes, professor of international politics; Gregory Miller, professor of history; and Jacob Waldenmaier, lecturer at Baldwin Wallace University. Jason Moyer, assistant professor of communication arts, was moderator.

April 4, 2017, Women in Leadership: Christian Perspectives. Proponents were Rev. Scott Wright, Ph.D., pastor of Redeemer Church (PCA) and Suzanne Nicholson, Ph.D., professor of Biblical Studies at Malone University. Moderator was Laura Foote, Ed.D., assistant professor of Management Studies.

 October 24, 2018, Why I left\Why I stayed. Proponents were Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo and Bart Campolo. Moderator was Jason Moyer, Associate Professor of Communication Arts. Learn more.