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Please determine if you are an internal or external guest based on each description below.

External Events

An event is considered external if there is no associated purpose with the current administrative and academic mission of the University. External guests are required to sign a contract, provide a Certificate of Liability insurance, utilize our contracted catering service (AVI Fresh) for all food and beverage needs, and pay in full prior to the event.


Internal events

Programs and events that fulfill or support the mission of the University, are funded by University and are planned and supervised by a University department or recognized student organization in good standing.  The participants include university students, faculty, staff, or prospective students.  Under Internal Events, event logistics are managed by a designated University representative.

Internal Events

Co-sponsored events

An event which is organized/presented by a University department or recognized student organization collaboratively with an external, non-profit entity is considered a co-sponsored event. This collaboration requires a significant, logical relationship that is compatible with the educational and missional goals of the University.

The University member requesting the co-sponsorship shall serve as the "University requestor." The University member and the outside organization must fill the responsibilities of organizer and host. The requestor must ensure all paperwork is completed, be the lead person in planning and execution of the event with the external entity, and serve as the event coordinator, present on campus for the event. University attendance at the event ensures it is conducted properly and follows policies.

Lastly, the university requestor must ensure that all costs associated with the event are paid for by the University department/student organization and the external entity.