How to Pray

Prayer is simply and honestly talking to God. There are many ways to pray, and below you'll find several to get you started.

the Lord's Prayer

Use this resource to pray through The Lord's Prayer in four steps: praise, repent, ask and yield. 

Breath Prayer

This praying technique uses our own breath to pray:  1) breathe in (just regular breaths) and think about a biblical name or image for God, then 2) breathe out and express a request to God.  Repeat this as often as you take breaths.  

Here are breath prayer samples – choose one, create your own, or click here:

  • breathe in “Abba” or “Father,” breathe out “I belong to you”
  • breathe in “Lord,” breathe out “send me your peace”
  • breathe in “Jesus,” breath out “lead my path”

PALM Prayer

Get into a comfortable position and let your body relax.  Notice your breathing.  Don't chase it, just follow it.  Put your hands in front of you resting on your lap.  As worries, burdens or distractions come to you, turn your palms down in a gesture of letting them go, handing them to God to hold for you.  When you are ready, turn your palms up as a gesture of openness toward God to receive all that He would give you this day.  (source: PAX Center for Spiritual Formation)

The Examen

Praying an Examen helps us to pay attention to how the Spirit has moved or is moving in our lives.  We review or reflect on our day, asking God to call attention to places where we need Him.  There are many ways to pray an Examen and this page offers several variations.

Centering Prayer

This prayer technique incorporates quiet and stillness as we "center" on God's presence by repeating a word, phrase, or Scripture verse.  Find the steps here.  Begin with five minutes and increase to 15 or 20 as you learn this prayer practice.