Following her own advice


More than 25 years after leaving college, Candy Bond ’14 came back.

“I was always telling my children how important it was to finish what they started,” said the mother of six. “My kids kept asking me why I never graduated from college. I realized I had to live the words I was speaking.”

Each day as she drove on I-77, billboards advertising Malone’s degree completion program caught her eye.

“The more I thought about going back to college, the more I kept seeing information about Malone,” Bond said.

She did her due diligence, comparing all academic programs in the area. Malone stood out.

“I was impressed by the people who I spoke with at the University, by the program structure, and by the idea of integrating my faith into my studies. Malone was also very affordable,” she said. “I decided that I would make the giant leap from college drop-out to returning student.”

Juggling family, job, life, and education meant that Bond had to make school a priority, and fiercely protect the time she set aside for academics. Her efforts paid off.

“It was a wonderful feeling knowing that my children were able to watch me walk across that stage and receive my diploma,” she said. “I was proud to be able to watch the other members of my cohort walk across that stage as well. Many of us had gone through some tough times both scholastically and personally, and to know that we had persevered – and succeeded – was so uplifting.”

Bond used to be the receptionist at her job; now she’s the practice manager.

“I have been able to take all of the knowledge I gained and turn it into practical application within the workplace,” she said. “My education allowed me to seek and receive better wages and also elevated my confidence in my skills.”