Administrative Grievance Procedure

The purpose of this grievance procedure is to provide Malone students an opportunity to process grievances regarding administrative issues. A student wishing to pursue a grievance should follow the procedure described below.

Informal Process

Initially the student shall present his or her grievance informally in a meeting with the appropriate administrative employee and his or her immediate supervisor. The purpose of any such meeting shall be to seek clarification and resolution through a discussion of the student’s grievance. The student, administrative employee, and/or other appropriate administrative official shall suggest means of bringing the grievance to resolution. If a satisfactory resolution of the matter is not reached in that manner, the student may then enter the formal process described below.

Formal Process

  1. Following the informal grievance process, the student must submit the grievance in writing to the supervisor of the administrative office. This grievance shall be submitted no later than thirty (30) days from the date that the issue occurred. The grievance shall include statements of the grounds for the grievance, supporting evidence and suggested steps to resolve the matter. Within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the written grievance, the supervisor shall meet with the student to review the matter. The supervisor shall respond in writing to the student, indicating his or her decision and recommendations regarding the matter within fifteen (15) days of meeting with the student.

  2. The student may appeal the decision of the office supervisor in writing to the next appropriate administrator who will render a decision in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving the written notice of appeal. A copy of the appeal notice, which must include copies of the grievance and appealed decision shall be given to the party against whom the appeal has been filed, the supervisor who heard the initial grievance, and (if applicable) any other appropriate administrator who has handled the appeal. After reviewing the appeal notice and accompanying documents, this next appropriate administrator may summarily dismiss the appeal if he or she determines that the appeal clearly is without merit, or if he or she determines that the conditions for filing a grievance have not been satisfied. If the appeal is summarily dismissed by this administrator there is no further basis for appeal. If he or she has not summarily dismissed the appeal, he or she may meet with the student and/or appropriate administrators who heard the appeal previously to seek further information regarding the merits of the appeal and to assist in making his or her determination.