Blossom Hall (BH) houses women who reside in suites where two double rooms are joined by a shared bathroom. Rooms are carpeted, air conditioned, equipped with loftable furniture and wireless internet. Study rooms and lounges are located on each floor. Laundry machines are free to residents in each building.

Programs in Blossom


Blossom Red Carpet is a building-wide fashion show! It’s an evening filled with paparazzi and special guest speakers who educate us on sustainable clothes shopping, basic hygiene, self care, and simply being a woman in the modern day world. We’ll swap all sorts of fashionable ideas, tips, tricks while celebrating the unique individualities of the women in Blossom. 


Each November, Blossom Hall hosts an exclusive Thanksgiving Dinner. Every single resident of Blossom is invited along with female faculty and staff. Everyone gets to contribute a dish and is provided with a bountiful amount of yummy food. It is a great time to get together as a hall, share a meal, and celebrate the things we have to be thankful for in our lives. 


During the holiday season, Blossom Hall hosts a unique, campus wide  Christmas program. You might take a train ride on the Polar Express or you may be tasked with stopping the Grinch from stealing Christmas, or you may travel to Christmas Town with Jack Skellington. Each year brings a new Christmas twist!

Meet the Staff


  • Sarah Gregory-Shafer | 1 North


Blossom Room Specifications

Each room contains: a bed, desk and chair, clothes closet and drawers, overhead light, desk light and draperies. Each hall contains a TV lounge, laundry facilities, microwave, water fountains and vending machines.

Door Dimensions: 33¼"

Room Dimensions: 10' x 11'

Bed Dimensions: 81½" x 36" (**Building lofts in Blossom Hall is not permitted because they are provided.)

Mattress: 36" x 80"

Ceiling Height: 10'

Blossom Floor Plan

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