Heritage Hall (HH) is a men’s suite-style building. It houses mainly upper-class men who reside in suites where two double rooms are joined by a shared bathroom. Rooms are carpeted, air conditioned, and equipped with loftable furniture and wireless internet. Study rooms and lounges are located on each floor. Laundry machines are free to residents in each building.

Programs in Heritage


This event celebrates the end of the fall semester as well as the beginning of the Christmas season. The entire building is transformed into a winter wonderland. There is mini golf, refreshments, and, of course, pictures with Santa himself.

Meet the Staff



I’m from the southwest side of Cleveland in Brooklyn, Ohio. I attended Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, where I received a bachelor’s degree in religious studies. During this time I had my first experience in residence life as a resident assistant, and I absolutely loved it. It was formative to my development - both as a man and a Christian. Afterwards, I spent a year working with adults with special needs in a waiver program and two years working with at-risk youth under Boys Town, a non-profit organization. In the fall of 2017, I began working as a resident director for Malone University.

Living in community creates so many opportunities for personal growth and discovery. My prayer is that the men of Heritage Hall learn to love God, others, and themselves better during their time together. Come grow with us.

I live with my wife, Mikinzie, and our children, Theo and Ember. If you see us around campus, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. We would love to meet you!

-Micah Czirr


Heritage Room Specifications

Each room contains: a bed, desk and chair, clothes closet and drawers, overhead light, desk light and draperies. Each hall contains a TV lounge, laundry facilities, microwave, water fountains and vending machines.

Door Dimensions: 33¼"

Room Dimensions: 10' x 11'

Bed Dimensions: 81½" x 36" **Building lofts in Heritage is not permitted because they are provided.

Mattress: 36" x 80"

Ceiling Height: 8'

Heritage Floor Plan

Heritage Floor Plan

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