Sexual Misconduct Report Form

This form may be used to report information to the Malone University Title IX Coordinator related to an alleged violation of the Malone University Sexual Misconduct Policy by a member of the MU Community. MU prohibits sexual misconduct of various forms, including, but not limited to: sexual harassment; sexual violence; gender-based harassment; intimate partner violence; stalking; intimidation; and retaliation.

Q: Who can use this reporting form?

A: Anyone.

Q: What happens when I submit this report?

A: The report is delivered to the Malone Title IX Coordinator for review. The Title IX Coordinator will assess the harm to individuals as well as any request for confidentiality.

Q: Will the Title IX Office contact me?

A: Yes. We will want to acknowledge and follow-up on your report, check-in with you to learn what resources and support you might want or need, and make sure that you have been provided important information about options and next steps.

Q: What does NOT happen when I submit this report?

A: This form does not initiate an adjudication, under the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy of the alleged behavior. This form provides you with an opportunity to provide the Title IX Officer with information related to sexual misconduct. The report will initiate a review. If you are a person who believes they have experienced sexual misconduct by a current Malone University student, faculty, or staff member, you may, if you choose, file a complaint to initiate an adjudication process. Information about adjudications can be found in the Student Handbook. 

Q: I am not sure if I should file this report. Can I talk to someone about my questions without providing details about the information I’m considering reporting?

A: Yes. The Title IX Coordinator and the confidential advisors on campus (contact the counseling center, Spiritual Formation Office, or Compass Office on campus). They would be happy to speak with you to answer all of your questions. You do not need to provide us with information about the report in order to get your questions answered!

Support and Resources are Available:

MU supports persons affected by sexual misconduct. Support is available in many forms and is available regardless of whether you decide to submit a report.

If you are a Malone student, please consider contacting:

During Business Hours:

  •  Title IX Coordinator, Melody Scott: 330-471-8273
  • Malone Counseling Center: 330-471-8711
  • Campus Safety Office: 330-471-8111

After Business Hours:

Resident Director on Call: Request contact with the RD on call by calling Campus Safety at 330-471-8111. The dispatcher will ask you to provide your name, telephone number, and/or location and an RD will reach out shortly thereafter.

You may find more information about support and resources at the Title IX webpage. 

If you are experiencing an emergency, or if there is imminent risk to your well-being or that of another person, contact the MU emergency line: 330-471-8111

Q: Do I have to provide my name?

If you submit this form, you will be asked for your name. If you wish to remain anonymous, there is an anonymous tip line on Campus Shield (emergency alert app for Malone).

You can also provide your name now and later request to the Title IX Coordinator that your identifying information be kept confidential. 

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