Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do I have to take to get a social work degree at Malone?

Look through the document below to see a curriculum pathway for required social work and required social work support courses. Note: this pathway does not include General Education requirements. General Education requirements can be found HERE.

Social Work Curriculum

I have some courses I would like to transfer into Malone. Will they be accepted?

Any questions about transfer credits can be directed to the Admissions Office HERE.

When do I have practicum/internships?

A student taking all social work courses here at Malone University will have an opportunity to go out into the field and be paired with a social work professional at least three times throughout their pursuit of a degree. These opportunities happen in SWK211 (optional), SWK222, SWK348, and then in the Senior Level Field Placement SWK440. See Curriculum Pathway under the first question for course descriptions and hours required at practicum placement.

Can I keep my job while pursuing my social work degree at Malone? Will I have enough time?

We know that working a job and being a fully present family member is hard work, so we made all online social work related classes - with the exception of SWK460’s once a week seminar - fully asynchronous. Any Malone University social work student can choose to take a fully online class or a traditional in-seat class. Note: regardless of fully-online or traditional student, all practicum related experiences are in person.

If I have a social work related job, can I just do that for my practicum?

Our accrediting body, Council on Social Work Education, requires that practicum related experiences be uniquely different from a student’s current day-to-day job. If you can partner with our field director to ensure that what you would do is completely separate from your current job, then the social work program may choose to accept that experience. The final decision is made by our field director.

Is there any flexibility in the senior year practicum?

Yes, we understand that many of our students work either full-time or part-time in the pursuit of their social work degree. You have two options for your Senior Level Field Placement SWK440: complete the total hours in one semester (traditional 16 week long semester, 450 hours at practicum placement) or complete the total hours (450 hours at practicum placement) over two consecutive semesters. This decision must be made before SWK440 begins. When you get to this point in the degree pursuit, you will be in dialogue with our field director to plan for your practicum experience.

What is advising? How often is it?

Every Fall and Spring semester has an advising week. You will receive an email from your advisor asking you to set up a meeting time with them to have professional mentoring and discuss the courses you’ll need to register. We often tell our students, that we are not only available for questions during advising week, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have outside of advising week.

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor is either Dr. Andy Reynolds (, Prof. Rebekka Russell (, or Dr. Elizabeth Patterson-Roe ( Feel free to email all of them if you do not know which one is your advisor. We love to hear from our students.

How do I register for classes?

You can register for classes for the following semester once you have completed an advising meeting with your academic advisor. You can see details about registration HERE.

Where are the social work offices?

We are located in the basement of the Brehme Centennial Center, also known as the building with the campus cafeteria. Our suite is CC-102. 

I have questions about financial aid, who do I contact for those?

We recommend you email or call the financial aid office HERE.

What happens if I get below a C grade in a social work class?

In order to complete a social work degree at Malone, you need to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in social work related courses. If you get below a C grade in a practice course (SWK345, SWK347, SWK348, SWK 401) then you will have to repeat this course.

What is the gate interview?

Around your junior year you will get an email from our administrative assistant asking you to sign up for a gate interview time. Our accrediting body, CSWE, requires that we have a gatekeeping measure in our program to ensure that social work is a good fit for you and that you are a good fit for social work. Social workers serve vulnerable populations, so it is very important that we graduate competent and ethical helpers. The email our administrative assistant sends to you will have directions on what to do to prepare for the interview.

What is Phi Alpha?

Phi Alpha is our honors society. If you’re a junior and have a 3.0 GPA or better, we encourage you to email our administrative assistant, Annie St. John, and inquire about applying for Phi Alpha. It strengthens your professional resume in either getting a social work job post-graduation or in applying for graduate school.

What is the Senior Recognition award?

Something to aspire toward, the senior recognition award is given every academic year to an outstanding graduating senior in social work. Every academic program at Malone does this with a graduating senior, the award ceremony is near the end of every Spring semester.

What would I gain from a Malone University Social Work degree?

Many things: a professional mentoring relationship with your social work faculty, skills to serve vulnerable populations, and a community with your classmates, campus, and alumni. 

According to the bureau of labor statistics, social work is a growing field. A Malone social work bachelor’s degree will give you a fully accredited social work degree that is required for licensure in social work by many states. Once you become an alumnus of our program, you are invited back every year for our Continuing Education Homecoming Series we offer every Fall. Lastly, personal connections and reference letters are crucially important for professional opportunities. When you are a student here at Malone, be a quality student in order to help your faculty write a glowing reference letter for your next job opportunity.