Education Learning Outcomes & Assessment Data

Each academic program in the Department of Education has specific goals and learning outcomes for students to achieve.

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Data

National Counselor Examination (NCE) Results

The NCE is used for national counselor certification and state counselor licensure. It assesses knowledge, skills, and abilities viewed as important for providing effective counseling services. The NCE is designed to be general in nature and assesses cognitive knowledge which should be known by all counselors regardless of their individual professional specialties.

Year First Pass % n # of First Pass # of repeat Pass # of First Fail # of Repeat Fail
2012 100% 13 13 0 0 0
2011 100% 11 11 0    

Title II Report on the Quality of Teacher Education

The Title II Report on the Quality of Teacher Education is prepared and submitted annually by the School of Education and Human Development at Malone University in compliance with the Higher Education Act, as amended in the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act. Both the US Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Education collect information regarding the performance of teacher preparation programs. Key data include the performance of teacher candidates on state mandated credential assessments. The annual reports can be accessed from the Title II website: Title II Full Report

Ohio Educator Preparation Provider Performance Report

The Ohio Department of Higher Education releases an annual comprehensive performance report for each ODHE-approved educator preparation program in the State of Ohio. The report includes performance data on the metrics identified for teacher and principal preparation programs.