Study Away Opportunities

Follow your education to the ends of the earth.

Not all classrooms have four walls.

Through our Center for Intercultural Studies, you’ll be encouraged to go away—and then come back! We’ve partnered with respected programs in higher education to provide students with opportunities to study away. Wherever your interests lie, we are able to connect you with a program that allows for amazing growth in every area of your life!

Study Away scholarships

For those interested in studying away, there are a numerous scholarships awarded each year by a variety of organizations. Depending on factors such as where you are going, what you are studying, your personal history, etc., you may be eligible to apply for scholarships to help cover the costs of your study away program. Listed below are a few of the many scholarships offered by organizations that want to help send students around the world:

If you want to spend a semester away, consider a co-major or minor in Global and International Studies, Urban Studies, or Spanish for Service and the Professions. You often just need to take only a few extra classes, along with your off-campus study opportunity and you can have a double major or minor, along with developed expertise to better serve in your chosen field cross-culturally.

Service Learning Trips

Interested in more short-term travel experiences? Check out our service-learning opportunities!