Center for Intercultural Studies

Let us help you see the world.

Earning a liberal arts education of the highest quality and broadening your world view will enrich your life and open many doors to your future.

Experience more, learn more …

Let us help you see the world, make a difference, and enhance your education through:

Study Abroad: Take your education to the next level while studying internationally or off-campus in the US during the summer, fall, or spring semester, or even the entire year! Study film in LA, social work in Romania, India, or Uganda, music in Nashville, marine biology in New Zealand, politics in D.C., literature in Ireland, business in China, and many, many more. 

Service Learning: Join a short-term team, immerse yourself in another culture, explore new experiences, grow in your faith, all while serving alongside fellow Malone community members. Each year teams partner with local people and organizations around the globe in a variety of projects focused on areas such as: humanitarian, education, orphanages, medical, ministry, relational, and outreach.

Major & Minor offerings: The Center for Intercultural Studies hosts three programs, Global & International Studies (secondary major or minor), Spanish for Service and the Professions (minor) Urban Studies (secondary major or minor)

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