Find your purposeful and meaningful life developing an expertise living and serving in cities

Through pursuing this unique secondary major, you'll find a sense of belonging in your department and in the City of Canton by studying and living within a service-focused educational community located in an urban environment. Launch your career from one-on-one relationships with globally informed professors and deep local experiences in regional urban contexts. Become a servant to and advocate for cities and their people in a program that emphasizes justice, civic responsibility, peace, and reconciliation. 

Program distinctives 

  • Experience our local and regional urban contexts as a laboratory setting for your studies.
  • Choose a wide range of primary majors like Social Work, Communication Arts, Criminal and Restorative Justice, Business, or Ministry to complement this secondary major.
  • Grow your understanding of urban contexts with coursework from a wide range of disciplines including History, Sociology, Social Work, and Political Science.
  • Belong to an inclusive community that emphasizes the value in experiencing human differences. 

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