Department Highlights

Department of Communication, Visual, and Performing Arts

There’s a place for you

Malone's Department of Communication, Visual, and Performing Arts provides big opportunities while being small enough to let you widely explore. Art has many avenues for expression in our department, including public relations, public speaking, graphic design, theatre, writing, relationships, arts, crafts, digital media, and film. We invite you to find your own unique artistic expression while we channel your passions to a fun and exciting career.

Our focus on the four values in our mission statement (truth, reconciliation, transformation, and reflection) helps us remember our deep belief that the art that we create and the messages that we send participate in Christ’s Kingdom. Our focus on these values means that we want our students and graduates to shine God’s light to the world through their vocations. This mission reflects the mission statement of Malone University.

Engage in your learning 

You are likely to find yourself sitting in circles, involved in discussion, teaching and learning from peers, and engaging course content in a variety of different ways because we want to encourage you to find ways to engage your learning in a practical way. You'll discover ways to explore simulated contexts, apply what you are learning, and integrate your emotions, intuitions, and collective efforts into your college experience. Professors are deeply involved in developing, directing, and facilitating these opportunities, because we believe that you don’t just learn in your head.  

Focus on “real life” 

We believe that the real contexts of our co-curricular activities are central to your college education. Being involved with exhibits, productions, performances, and publications is a key thread in your learning. Classes and co-curricular experiences build on each other. You’ll work with real clients and connect with working professionals. You learn with your body, with your hands, and with other people as you experience things together. Every major is required to have an internship and can earn more class credit while doing “real world” work. We work hard to make sure that our classes and our learning are “real life.” 


We nurture creative growth and seek to inspire each other through the thick community that we develop together as a department. The northeast Ohio community offers an inspirational environment for our students, as well as a rich and internationally recognized collection of museums, theatres, cinemas, and galleries. As a student, you will have many opportunities to exhibit your work on and off campus in student performances, exhibits, and festivals.