Communication Arts

Find your purposeful and meaningful career as a people-centered organizational leader.

Find your leadership voice in a community dedicated to lifting up the voice of all of its members. Through guided educational experiences and academic study you will become an expert in human communication and how that can be connected to a career. Find the perfect balance between your love of human interaction, your heart for serving others, and your wide-ranging career interests. 

Program Distinctives

  • Experience your human communication skills through in-classroom projects that serve organizational partners in the community.
  • Become a collaborative leader in a learning community that is rooted in God’s love for all people.
  • Follow God’s call to organizational leadership in nonprofits, religious contexts, or arts organizations; or prepare for further study in graduate school immediately upon graduation. 


Communication Studies

Understand core communication concepts and theories about conflict, gender, interpersonal relationships, intercultural and organizational communication - then apply them in a wide variety of contexts and vocations

Public Relations

Prepare for positions in fundraising, promotion, event planning, advertising, marketing, community affairs, and many more diverse fields as you connect with real clients using knowledge from the classroom.

Theatre, Film, and Media Communication

This concentration allows you to blend storytelling in all of its forms, critical analysis, and practical skills together as you work with other students to produce meaningful theatre productions, films, web pages, and more.

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Communication Arts minor

Official Minor requirements

Alumni Profile

Karli Kadlecek Loofbourrow

Communication Arts ’16

Karli credits her four internships and volunteering for various events with helping her figure out what she wanted – and didn’t want – in a career.