Find your purposeful and meaningful career as a visual storyteller

Join an art community that seeks to develop your creative gifts as a visual influencer. Experience one-on-one mentoring by award-winning graphic designers and filmmakers who desire to prepare you for a career after college. Find your artistic voice through serving others in creative work that tells the story of human struggle and hope. 

Program Distinctives:

  • Create your voice as a visual storyteller through one-on-one education in a program designed to prepare confident artists.
  • Diversify your skills by learning principles of both graphic design and media production.
  • Become a career-oriented artist with a required internship in film, video, or creative production. Choose from a variety of fields, including non-commercial arenas (non-profits, religious contexts, arts institutions), integrated communication departments (marketing, public relations, advertising), creative and production departments in public relations or advertising agencies, video production, and arts education (especially outside of school contexts).

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The Digital Arts curriculum is listed in the official Academic Catalog

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Digital Arts Minor

The Digital Arts minor curriculum is listed in the official Academic Catalog