"The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." - Frederick Buechner

Exploring your options with guided experiences is a path to a purposeful and meaningful life and career

It is more than okay if you haven’t yet chosen your career plans. In fact, it’s good that you are still exploring your options! Even rising college students who feel (or sound) confident in their choice of major upon high school graduation change their minds once enrolled. In fact, 73% of college graduates are working in fields that are different from their major according to staff reports by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. So what does this mean? 

Everyone is exploring career pathways, even if they’ve already chosen a major!

Whether you’re exploring or have already chosen a major, the same great resources are available to you at Malone: 

  • PathwayU – A personal assessment that helps you figure out what careers match your personality and interests.
  • Faculty 4D Advising within the first month of the semester – “Discover, Dream, Design, and Deliver” with a faculty member who can help you think about where you want to go and what tools and experiences you’ll need to reach your goals.
    • Discover: Learn what you are curious about to gain a greater sense of your strengths and gifts. Our faculty members want to understand your journey so far because life experience informs future progress.
    • Dream: Creatively imagine your future accomplishments to guide you in goal-setting. Everyone has an opportunity to leave a legacy and it’s not too early to think about yours.
    • Design: Link current strengths to future dreams with reality-based goals so you can move toward the future. Our faculty members want to help you create S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals so you can make the most of your Malone experience.  
    • Deliver: Discuss multiple ways to achieve goals and take the first steps to make them happen. Together with your faculty adviser, you can be excited about your academic future!
  • Individual career counseling–Individual career counseling with a licensed counselor who will listen to your story and help you connect with careers, review your PathwayU inventory, encourage you to grow in self-awareness, and help you identify careers where your competency meets your passions.  

But what if I change my mind?

If a trial major is not a good fit, the introductory classes will count as elective credits. Graduation requirements build on a major core - the general education curriculum - and elective credits combine to total the minimum requirement of 124 semester hours.

You can contact the Center for Student Success to change your intended major and update your schedule at any time.

We are ready to help you find an academic major that is right for you!


Take our free career-focused personality inventory called PathwayU which will connect you to careers that match your personality, interests, and values. Review your results and discover which Malone University programs will help you to launch toward your purposeful and meaningful life.