Honors Program

Join the Honors Program and embark on an adventure of discovery and purpose

Investigate your passions and uncover enduring truths as you discover who God has created you to be. You’ll experience one-on-one mentoring, exciting classes, and welcoming community events. Request to join today!

From the moment you join our community, you’ll know you are welcome here

Classes in Common:

Class discussion works best among those who have come to know and trust one another and share a commitment to learning.

Honors Activities:

Group trips to concerts and theaters, games, bonfires, and meals in faculty homes all help you to connect and can enrich your college experience. 

Connect with Faculty Mentors:

The Honors Program creates unique opportunities to know and be mentored by Malone faculty through small classes and individual research. Explore your own passions as you work on a thesis project while being guided through each step of the process by a faculty adviser. 

Why Join?

  • Top professors, smaller classes
  • Participants are eligible for scholarships.
  • Fits with any major or minor: it adds just 10-13 credit hours!
  • Participate in enlightening research with supportive faculty. 
  • High aspirations, low pressure. Choose your own challenges.
  • Take courses in a comprehensive, not harder, learning environment.
  • Connect with Honors students, mentors, and advisers. 
  • Join with the Honors community for social and cultural events. 
  • Prep for grad school. Or build up your resume.

View course curriculum

The honors program minor curriculum is listed in the official Academic Catalog

Once in the catalog, you can use the buttons (pictured left) located at the upper right of the page to plan your courses, save courses to your own personalized catalog, print, and more!