The Academic Program

The Honors Program curriculum consists of 20 credit hours of Honors courses or sections. Because general education courses are required of all students, this curriculum adds only 10-13 credit hours to a student’s graduation plan.

The Honors Program Curriculum

Only students participating in the Honors Program are eligible to take Honors classes. Students who take only 6 hours of general education credits take 6 hours in HON 370, the Honors Seminar. In addition to the 20 credits, students must have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average at graduation to complete the program. 

  1. Honors General Education (6-9 credits): Choose from among honors sections of general education courses (beyond GEN 100).
  2. HON 260 Sophomore Seminar: The Academy and You (1 credit): Learn all about thesis research & explore possibilities.
  3. HON 370 Honors Seminar (3-6 credits): Interdisciplinary topics classes, created by faculty and chosen by student vote. 
  4. Honors Thesis Project (6 credits total): HON 494 Honors Thesis I (3 credits); HON 496 Honors Thesis II (3 credits): Independent work on a research or artistic project under the supervision of a faculty adviser. 

The Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis involves a two-semester independent study. Students choose both the subject of the study and their faculty adviser. Students in the program receive plenty of support to help them find and articulate their subject, and connect with the right adviser. 

Students work closely with their faculty adviser and thesis committee, often forming mentoring relationships that extend beyond commencement. Thesis students develop skills and confidence, acquire deep knowledge in an area of interest, strengthen their preparation for work or graduate school, and finish with a strong sense of accomplishment. 

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