Honors Program Curriculum

Honors Program 

The Honors Program curriculum challenges students to fulfill their intellectual and personal potential through enriched and stimulating experiences; by cultivating a community of scholars committed to an earnest, cooperative, free, and open pursuit of truth; by developing an understanding of the unity of knowledge and the interrelationship of the academic disciplines; by providing the occasion for mentoring relationships with faculty; by preparing students for the pursuit of original and advanced research, scholarship, and performance; and by equipping students for outstanding leadership in service to God, their communities, and the world.

Only students participating in the Honors Program are eligible to take Honors classes. Students who take only 6 hours of general education credits take 6 hours in HON 370, the Honors Seminar. In addition to the 19 credits, students must have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average at graduation to complete the program. 

  1. Honors General Education (6-9 credits)
    Students choose from honors sections of general education courses.

  2. HON 260 Sophomore Seminar: The Academy and You (1 credit) 
    The sophomore seminar will introduce students to the work of Malone faculty who are doing compelling and engaging research or creative expression. Students will also investigate interest areas that might lead to a thesis project in the future.

  3. HON 370 Honors Seminar (3-6 credits)
    Intensive, interdisciplinary study of a selected topic not normally included in other courses. Subtitle will indicate course content. Repeatable under different subtitles. 3 credits. Prerequisite: 30 credit hours.

  4. Honors Thesis Project (6 credits total)

    HON 494 Honors Thesis I (3 credits)
    Independent work on a scholarly or artistic project under the supervision of a faculty member chosen by the student. Project proposal must be approved by faculty member and honors director and on file with Honors Program for completion of the course. Students usually begin the thesis spring of the junior year or fall of the senior year.

    HON 496 Honors Thesis II (3 credits) 
    The semester in which the thesis project is completed. It includes a presentation to faculty and students. Prerequisite: HON 494.

For more information, contact the Honors Program Co-Directors at honors@malone.edu.