Eligibility, Scholarships, & Application

Applying to the Malone Honors Program is a separate step after a student has been admitted to the University. Participants may be eligible for a renewable scholarship.


  • Students with at least a 3.6 high school GPA receive an automatic invitation to apply to the Honors Program.
  • No letters of reference are required for students with at least a high school GPA of 3.6 and an ACT score (or SAT equivalent) of 26. Motivated students who fall short of these GPA and/or ACT standards, or who did not take a standardized test, are also invited to apply to the program. In this case, please solicit two letters of reference (high school teachers are acceptable references), and have those individuals send their letters to honors@malone.edu. Students may elect to supplement their application with a narrative essay describing their academic career in order to provide additional insight into their grades and test scores.
  • Transfer students who have participated in an honors program at their previous college are automatically admitted to the program and given credit for previous honors courses. 
  • Qualified students who are already attending Malone can also be admitted to the Honors Program after their first semester. Talk to the Honors Program director about how to apply.

For eligibility and application questions, contact the Honors Program director:

Steve Jensen, Ph.D.

You can also email the Honors Program directly at honors@malone.edu.

Honors Application

Interested in applying for the Honors Program? Follow the link below to begin the process!

Honors Scholarships

Honors students are eligible for a variety of scholarship opportunities. Learn more about the qualifications and scholarship application process.