Meet the Honors Staff

Dr. Kate Huisinga, Honors Program Director

I'm a biochemistry professor at Malone and director of the Malone Honors Program. I've been at Malone since 2011 and have interacted with honors students in the classroom, as the program director, and as a thesis advisor or committee member. I love working with Honors students because of their genuine curiosity and wide-awake approach to academics and life. I enjoy helping them meet their goals- both academically and holistically, and also to find more delight and less anxiety in their academic work! 

Contact Dr. Huisinga: 
Phone: 330-471-8356

BRITTANI Eggan, Honors Program Graduate Assistant

I am the Graduate Assistant for the Honors Program at Malone. I graduated from Malone in 2017 with my Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science.  My experiences and opportunities in my undergraduate studies and after led me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Malone’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. As a Malone graduate and current grad school student, I am passionate about seeing and helping students discover their God-given calling. I look forward to working with Honors students because of their heart for curiosity, exploration, growth, and community. I love seeing how God uses our unique backgrounds, ideas, personalities, experiences, and gifts for His Kingdom.  Still curious about the program? I’d love to share more and answer any questions you may have. 

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