Honors Scholarships

Honors Scholarships 

Honors students are eligible for a variety of scholarship opportunities. 

Renewable Honors Program Scholarship

Incoming students who begin the Malone Honors Program as freshmen may be eligible for a renewable scholarship of $1,000 per academic year. The deadline for these scholarship awards is April 15 for Fall of 2024 incoming students, although later applicants may be considered as funding allows. 

Students do not need to complete the entire program to remain eligible, and all students who enter the program remain welcome in Honors classes and events throughout their time at Malone. However, the following markers determine eligibility for ongoing renewal of the Honors Program Scholarship.

Ongoing Eligibility Requirements

Below are the conditions under which students may maintain this scholarship beyond the freshman year. 

Any student who finds that scheduling issues or other impediments are interfering with their ability to meet these requirements are invited to work with the director of the Honors Program.

By the end of Fall semester of the second year in the Honors Program:

  • Have completed at least 6 credit hours of Honors sections in the Malone General Education program
  • Have completed HON 260 Sophomore seminar (1 credit).

By the end of Spring semester of the third year in the Honors Program:

  • Have completed either HON 494 Thesis I or HON 370 Honors Seminar.

Students who fail either to meet these criteria or work out an alternative plan with the Honors Director will no longer be eligible to receive the Honors Program Scholarship. Such students are still welcome to continue participating in the Honors Program, including taking part in social events and taking an Honors course or section. A student can also catch up with these requirements and have an Honors Program scholarship reinstated. 


Not receiving the Honors scholarship?  A limited number of endowed scholarships are available for Honors Program students who have not received previous Honors scholarships. Juniors and seniors active in the Honors Program are exclusively eligible. Learn more about the scholarship below.


The Pauline S. and Samuel Mullen Endowed Honors Scholarship Fund is established in memory of Samuel H. Mullen and in honor of Pauline S. Mullen.

It is the desire of Mrs. Mullen that this endowed scholarship be used to encourage Honors students and assist them in securing a high quality educational experience in the Honors Program of Malone University.


Awards will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • Junior or senior standing (required)
  • Financial need
  • Progress toward successful completion of the Malone Honors Program
  • Active participation in the Malone Honors Program
  • Academic excellence and community involvement

Awards are for one full academic year. Returning juniors are invited to update their application materials to apply for a second year. Students already receiving a scholarship for their participation in the Honors Program are not eligible.

Scholarships will be for $1000 per academic year ($500 each for fall and spring semesters). As many as four students may be funded at any given time, and at least two scholarships will be reserved for juniors each year.

How to apply

To apply, complete the online application.