Honors Scholarship Application

Application: The Pauline S. and Samuel Mullen Endowed Honors Scholarship Fund

The Pauline S. and Samuel Mullen Endowed Honors Scholarship Fund is established in memory of Samuel H. Mullen and in honor of Pauline S. Mullen.

It is the desire of Mrs. Mullen that this endowed scholarship be used to encourage Honors students and assist them in securing a high quality educational experience in the Honors Program of Malone University.

Criteria for award

Awards will be determined based on the following criteria. In addition to this application, the Office of the Registrar will be asked to furnish or confirm information, and the Director of Financial Aid will also participate in the selection process.

  • Junior or senior standing (required)
  • Financial need
  • Academic excellence and community involvement
  • Active participation in the Malone Honors Program
  • Progress toward successful completion of the Malone Honors Program

The application deadline is April 15, 2024.

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Write up to a paragraph about additional ways you have participated in the Honors Program, including Honors events, Honors Council, or Honors housing.

Essay 2

Write up to a paragraph about the current status of your Honors Thesis project, including your current plan and the steps or work you have taken so far toward completion of that plan.

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