Malone Serves

Fulfilling the mission of Malone University by creating opportunities to serve the Church, community, and world.

Our Malone Serves scholarship students experience a meaningful sense of belonging through serving alongside one another during their time at Malone.

Malone Serves is a scholarship program students can participate in all four years at Malone. High school seniors who have been accepted to Malone with a good academic transcript, strong personal character, and a desire to make a difference in the Church, community, and world have the ability to apply to the program. Candidates have an opportunity to visit campus and compete for one of 15 renewable $1,500 scholarships at the Malone Serves Scholarship Competition.


Program Benefits

Incoming freshmen who have been accepted to the Malone Serves program will start their Fall semester together in the required Gen100: The College Experience class with one of the Malone Serves Directors. The program has a cap of 15 participants per grade. This allows our incoming freshmen to start their college experience by creating close relationships with their fellow classmates with whom they will be serving alongside for the next 4 years; as well as connecting weekly with the program director who will provide guidance and mentorship during their first semester of college.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • A sense of belonging that comes from serving alongside your peers
  • Connecting with the local community around Malone University
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your ability to serve others through the gifts God has given you
  • Excellent resume builder
  • A designation at graduation, as well as a Certificate of Completion

Program Requirements

To maintain their scholarships each year, students are required to complete the following:

  • Community Service: Malone Serves students must complete 15 hours of community service each semester.
  • Malone Serves Saturday: Malone Serves students must attend two of these half-day service projects a semester (these will count towards your 15 hours).
  • Eligibility: Students must remain academically eligible while fulfilling requirements of Malone Serves. 

Students in action – serving Christ’s Kingdom First

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