Federal Work Study & Student Employment Opportunities

Explore the employment options available to you as a student here at Malone University! 

What is Federal Work-Study (FWS)? 

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a self-help form of financial aid awarded to resident students with financial need who file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to March 1. This award, if you qualify, will be listed on your financial aid award letter and may vary in amount from $700 to $2,000 per year. You must work part-time at an on-campus FWS position in order to earn your award amount. You are only paid for actual hours worked.

8/26/19 to 12/13/20
The following chart shows the maximum amount of hours per week a student should work based on the contract amount at $8.55 per hour.
(16 week schedule includes working the exam week at the end of the semester)

Contract Amount Hourly Rate Hours per semester # of Weeks Hours per week
$500 $8.55 58 16 3.5
$600 $8.55 70 16 4
$700 $8.55 81 16 5
$800 $8.55 93 16 5.5
$900 $8.55 105 16 6.5
$1,000 $8.55 116 16 7.25

How do I find a FWS job?

Students with Federal Work-Study (FWS) in their financial aid package will be emailed information to their Malone email address in June. Students can view available positions at https://www.malone.edu/studentemployment/

After reviewing the available positions, simply select two or more departments that interest you. Please stop by or call the department(s) as soon as possible to discuss schedule options and see if the position is a good fit for both of you. Remember to take or have your class and/or sport schedule, if applicable, available when talking with the supervisor.

Don't delay. The departments with job openings will not contact you - you must take the initiative to secure a job. Begin the process by going to your selected departments immediately after arriving on campus. Remember, other students may be seeking the same job that you are.

Once I find a job, how am I paid?

Once you have been hired by a department, you will need to start the hiring process by completing the hiring forms online via Paycor (Malone's payroll system). This information will come to you via email from Malone's Student Work Coordinator.

Federal Work Study students will sign a Student Employment Contract and will log their hours worked in an online time sheet via Paycor. You will be trained by your supervisor on how to log your work hours.

Students are paid by direct deposit semi-monthly beginning in September. Students are paid for the exact hours worked for that pay period. FWS earnings are subject to federal taxes.

The starting wage for a FWS job is the current minimum wage.

You may choose to apply all or some of your pay to your student billing account. Applying your pay to your student billing account will help reduce any expected monthly payments.

Are there non-FWS jobs available?

If you do not qualify for FWS, or you applied too late (after March 1) to receive it in your financial aid award letter, you may seek employment from the following sources:

  • Our dining hall (operated by AVI Foodsystem Inc., and therefore considered an "off-campus" employer) Contact Beth Gotter 330-471-8227
  • The Career Development Office in the Center for Student Success refers students to both short-term and long-term part-time jobs in the nearby community.  All employment/internship positions can be found at www.collegecentral.com/malone.  Contact Jen Vannest 330-471-8321
  • Interested in babysitting? Try using the reputable site www.care.com to look for babysitting employment.
  • There are numerous fast food restaurants and fine dining restaurants or retail shops near campus that offer employment opportunities for students.