The Christian Biology Major in Ohio that Goes Beyond a PreMed Degree

Take your love of science to a new level as a Biology major at Malone

Are you passionate about science, but also feel called to make a difference with your career? As a biology major at Malone University in Ohio, you’ll gain a deep understanding of living organisms through a unique blend of rigorous science education and a Christ-centered perspective.

More than a Pre-Med or Pre-Vet degree

While Malone’s biology major equips you for success in pre-professional tracks like a traditional Pre-Vet or Pre-Med degree, it’s also designed to be a well-rounded and versatile program. Here’s how we help set you apart from other Pre-Med or Pre-Vet majors:

  • Broader exploration and career paths. Our curriculum lets you explore a variety of biological disciplines, from ecology and genetics to microbiology and zoology. This comprehensive approach opens doors for you in a wider range of career paths, including environmental science, research, biotechnology, and more.
  • A Christian perspective. As you earn your degree in Biology, you’ll be learning about the natural world through the lens of our Christian faith. In fact, we believe delving into the intersection of science and Christianity helps you foster a more complete view of biology and its role in God’s creation.
  • Develop strong communication and critical thinking skills. If you really want to make a difference in your career, you’ll want to be stretched beyond a deep knowledge of biological science. At Malone, you’ll be challenged to gain exceptional communication and critical thinking skills through a robust liberal arts education. These valuable skills are highly sought-after in a variety of scientific fields and med schools.

Other reasons you’ll appreciate getting your Biology degree at Malone

  • Faith-Driven Faculty. As we mentioned previously, it’s important to us that you develop in your Christian faith during your time at Malone, and that is especially important in our biology major. Learn from dedicated professors who share your Christian values and integrate faith into the classroom.
  • Personalized mentoring and small class sizes. You’re more than a number. Get one-on-one guidance from faculty and advisers who care about you and help you navigate your academic journey and career options. Additionally, you’ll gain a deeper level of understanding about biology because of the close interaction you’ll have with professors and classmates who know your name and push you to be your best.
  • Hands-on learning. Dive deeper through engaging labs, research opportunities, and internships that prepare you for graduate school or a rewarding career in biology.
  • Impactful research programs. Experience your research while you study through active in-classroom learning and our annual Student Research Symposium.

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Or, consider a Biology minor

Students who are majoring in another program may choose to take a biology minor in addition to their primary course of study. A minor normally consists of a minimum of 15 semester hours, 6 of which must be taken at the 300/400 level. Each department must approve the student and curriculum to be used in the completion of each minor for the Office of the Registrar to verify at the point of graduation. Here are the course requirements.

Michelle Kovalaske

Endocrinologist Biology

Michelle graduated from the University of Toledo College of Medicine and completed a fellowship at the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education.