Global & International Studies

Enhance your major. Gain a global understanding. Promote social and economic justice.

Gain knowledge and experience to serve the world

This unique major prepares graduates to respond to our increasingly connected globe in a way that is deeply Christian and fundamentally oriented toward serving the church, community, and world. This interdisciplinary, secondary major must be combined with a student’s primary major, which maintains the student’s training in a discipline while adding a global focus. You will have the opportunity to serve while you pursue your vocation in business, ministry, missions, politics, social work, teaching, and others.

Learn a discipline then prepare to serve

  • Study abroad for a semester — in one or more countries of your choice
  • Study a foreign language
  • Gain a better understanding of interdisciplinary global issues through multiple courses across disciplines
  • Develop the ability to understand other cultures
  • Understand the need for social justice between peoples — globally and locally

View course curriculum

The Global & International Studies major curriculum (courses and course listings) is available in the official Academic Catalog

Once in the catalog, you can use the buttons (pictured left) located at the upper right of the page to plan your courses, save courses to your own personalized catalog, print, and more! 

Global & International Studies minor

Students who are majoring in another program may choose to take a Global & International Studies minor in addition to their primary course of study. 

Minor requirements

“I am so passionate about learning about other nations, cultures, ethnicities, and diverse backgrounds. I love to be challenged in the way I think, and am energized by learning about the differences and unique stories God has created in the world. I'm excited to use the skills from this program to enhance my life and understanding of people and the world as a future social worker, but more importantly as a Kingdom builder.”

Hannah Crabbs ’14
Social Work