Find your purposeful and meaningful career discovering the chemical foundation of life in creation

Join a hands-on learning community that seeks to care for creation by becoming more knowledgeable about the chemical foundations of all living things. Grow through one-on-one mentoring relationships with your professors who will guide you through experiments, research projects, and internships. Earn employment in a high-demand field while shaping your personal character as a servant to and advocate for creation.

Our program emphasizes a deep commitment to the ethical care of creation.

Program Distinctives

  • Prepare for high-demand careers in, for example, biomedical research, biotechnology, or pharmaceuticals.
  • Experience your research while you study through active in-classroom learning and our annual Student Research Symposium.
  • Gain a fuller appreciation for the science of living organisms from professors who value life as part of creation. 

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Alumni Profile

Jessica Jones '16

Graduate student at Clemson University Biochemistry

“Choose a field that you have a passion for and you shall never work a day in your life. Biochemistry is not for the faint of heart; it takes a level of dedication and passion that cannot be learned…