Economics Minor

Enhance your major with an understanding of how economics affects your profession.

Increase your prospects as you become more diversified

Find your purposeful and meaningful career through understanding economic systems to impact the world. 

Become a well-prepared, confident, and effective business practitioner by adding an economic minor to your business major. The minor provides an overview of economic systems from multiple perspectives. Learn from experienced educators and professionals who will provide a comprehensive knowledge of local economic systems and world economic systems that will prepare you for, and give you an advantage in, the current global marketplace

Program distinctives 

  • Acquire a knowledge of economics that bolsters business major courses to create a firm foundation for careers in business, government, law, education, healthcare, social work, and public service in local, national, and/or international agencies.
  • Gain an understanding of economic theories and principles and learn to apply methods for analyzing production and consumption of goods and services.
  • Acquire an understanding of economics that prepares them to engage more effectively in societal and global affairs and become more informed voters.

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