Environmental Studies

Find your purposeful and meaningful life serving God’s creation in a wide variety of careers

The environmental studies program at Malone is interdisciplinary, giving you a broad background in ethics, economics, and politics in addition to conservation and sustainability. Alongside this curriculum, students also choose a concentration in the form of a second major, allowing you to couple environmental studies with another passion. Courses will emphasize creation care as a natural outgrowth of Christian faith and practice, and you will be prepared to serve God and love others by stewarding the world that He has made and that we share with our global neighbors.

Program Distinctives

  • Discover how to care for God’s creation by adding this secondary major to any other major program of study.
  • Experience your career with field experiences in Michigan, Washington, Costa Rica, or India through Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies.
  • Discover God’s creation through interdisciplinary curriculum that includes science, ethics, economics, politics, law, and policy.

Research and internship opportunities

Environmental studies majors are required to complete an independent research project or internship. The form of this research/internship will depend upon a student’s chosen concentration, allowing students tremendous flexibility and the opportunity to gain experience in their chosen field prior to graduation.

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Environmental Studies Minor

A minor in environmental studies requires 18-20 semester hours. See the courses and course descriptions.

Environmental Science Minor

Malone also offers an environmental science minor. See the courses and course descriptions.