Commuting Students

Are you considering living off-campus while attending Malone?

Commuter students participate in nearly every area of student life - and student leadership. Commuters are honors program participants, Student Senate members, course assistants for the Gen 100 Orientation program, service-learning trip travelers, and more! Though it may take more effort on your part to get involved in campus life when you're not living on campus, we encourage you to make the most of your college years!

We have a special Commuter Association to provide services and support to meet the needs of commuting students. While you won't have a room on campus in one of Malone's residence halls, you will still have a place in Malone's vibrant campus community!

The U.S. News & World Report offers five suggestions for commuting students to get involved on campus - here they are adapted for Malone University:

Get involved on campus

Find an activity, club, or organization that meets your interests and helps you meet new people to find your niche in the community. If you're looking to grow deeper spiritually, here are some resources. The Honors Program is its own learning community - and transfer students who participated in an honors program at their previous college are automatically admitted if their GPA is at least a 3.5. With the exception of residence hall committees, all activities that are open to resident students are also open to commuters. Find your fit!

Set expectations - and communicate with your family!

Once you're in college, your schedule will be different than it was in high school -  and you'll likely have more studying to do! Add that to a part-time job, and you'll be busy! Here's some advice from

Seek out resources

In addition to other spaces on campus open to ALL students, such as Bennett Lounge in the Randall Campus Center, and the Everett Cattell Library, there's also a Commuter Lounge in Founders Hall - Room 60 (located on the first floor, right next to the Center for Student Success)! There are lockers available both in the Commuter Lounge and on the lowest level of the library.

If you're struggling with a class, don't hesitate to get free peer tutoring!

Learn about other free services here.

Get a mentor

This may happen naturally, but if not, there are many ways to find support from a seasoned student, faculty or staff member. (Students who live in residence halls have built-in support through resident advisers and directors). There is a Commuter Director on the Student Senate who would love to meet you and is there to advocate for you. 

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Though it might be uncomfortable to introduce yourself to others or strike up random conversations, it's important to meet new people and to make connections!