The Restorative Criminal Justice Degree in Ohio that Helps You Make A Difference

Protecting and restoring lives goes beyond a Criminal Justice Degree.

At Malone, you get more than a criminal justice degree. Our Criminal & Restorative Justice (CRJ) program allows you to dive into the heart of the justice system, shaping a future where rehabilitation, community healing, and positive change thrive alongside law and order.

Are you driven by a desire to make a genuine impact while serving your community? Our CRJ program equips you with knowledge, skills, and an ethical foundation to help you in diverse justice-related careers.

More than just a Criminal Justice degree for law enforcement!

Many CRJ programs focus entirely on traditional careers like police work. While we ensure you’re ready to handle the duties of a police officer, we take it a few steps further to help empower you in the full spectrum of justice-related careers, including:

  • Police Officer or Sheriff’s Deputy. Serve and protect the community, enforce laws, investigate accidents, and serve legal processes.
  • Restorative Justice Specialist. Facilitate dialogue, mediate conflicts, and guide communities towards healing and transformation.
  • Probation Officer. Support individuals on their path to rehabilitation, providing guidance and resources.
  • Court Liaison. Bridge the gap between the community and the court system, ensuring equitable representation.

The careers listed above are just the beginning. With flexible concentrations and internships provided in our criminal and restorative justice program, your education is tailored to your interests and aspirations.

What sets our program apart?

While many schools offer a criminal justice degree program, Malone takes it to another level to help boost your resume and provide a more complete picture of law enforcement.

  • Faith-Based Values. Our Christ-centered approach helps you see how law enforcement can be a powerful way to make a positive impact in your community.
  • Restorative Justice. Go beyond the typical line of duty by exploring practices that help heal individuals, communities, and maintain high standards in the justice system.
  • Real-World Experiences. Gain hands-on experience through internships with local law enforcement agencies, courts, community organizations, and restorative justice initiatives.
  • Engaging Curriculum. Our restorative criminal justice program blends theory with practical application. You’ll explore diverse topics, including criminology, juvenile justice, and forensic science, all led by passionate and experienced faculty.
  • Supports extra-curricular activities. Many of our students seeking a criminal justice degree are also interested in athletics. We ensure you can excel both at your sport of choice and your academic pursuits.

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Criminal & Restorative Justice Minor

Requirements for a minor in Criminal & Restorative Justice

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Why “Restorative” Justice?

Malone’s commitment to restorative justice springs from our affiliation with the Evangelical Friends Church.

Cody Stadtman '19

Criminal & Restorative Justice

“I chose this major because I have always been interested in police work. I know my education at Malone will help me to succeed in obtaining a position in this field that I am most passionate about.”