Integrated Social Studies

Find your purposeful and meaningful career educating high school students on culture, politics, religion, gender, race, and economics

Share your enthusiasm for research, reasoning, writing, and social analysis within a learning community that prepares you both as a subject-matter expert and a confident and dedicated educator. Become a teacher through educational experiences that begin in your first year of college, driven by professors with doctorate degrees and lifetimes of teaching experience. Upon graduation, you will enter the classroom and prepare the next generation of citizens, historians, political scientists, and sociologists.

Program Distinctives

  • Become a person who reads, writes, and thinks about our world with clarity while retaining personal humility and charity to others.
  • Discover how Christian faith informs the study of history and how the study of history shapes Christian faith while gaining an appreciation for religious diversity.
  • Gain a fuller understanding of history with a focus on both Western and non-Western traditions. 

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