Peace & Reconciliation Minor

Acquaint yourself with the tradition of peace

As an expression of our Friends heritage, Malone University offers a Peace & Reconciliation minor that allows students to engage and express the peace tradition that is a historic hallmark of the Friends tradition. This minor provides students with an opportunity to integrate the peace tradition with another course of study that may be enhanced, or it may serve as a stand-alone expression of their participation in the heritage of the University’s founding.

The program denotes the extension of our concern beyond a limited view of pacifism as avoiding conflict to a broader view of peace that includes alleviating and repairing conflicts after they have occurred. This program may also appeal to those who are not historically-affiliated or committed to pacifism, but who are still concerned with questions of peace even after conflict has happened.

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Our Friends Heritage

The roots of Malone's Peace & Reconciliation minor can be found inĀ our affiliation with the Evangelical Friends Church.